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bGrid Softwear Update bCOSS Provides COVID-19 Safety Insights to Office Occupier, Operator and Owner

With physical distancing in effect for the foreseeable future, how is your business preparing for your employees return to the workplace? 

Our 3-layer solution bCOSS provides insights into building utilization and air quality and with bGrid’s special feature our multi sensor will light up to indicate real time safety of office spaces. bCOSS can be updated to all bGrid installations new and existing, no need to change your current bGrid infrastructure. 

Download more information about bCOSS solution here or contact us directly to learn how this solution can be implemented in your office.  

About bGrid

bGrid is a technology and innovation company based in Amsterdam. bGrid develops, markets and sells the bGrid® smart building solution that delivers sensing, control and indoor positioning, with data management and data processing, integrations with light and building automation, and a fully open interface to smart building applications and 3rd party software. bGrid works in cooperation with international technology partners and integrators and executes projects for real estate like Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Asics, EDGE Technologies, Coima, Schiphol, and many more. bGrid’s clients are property owners, operators, occupiers, project developers, integrators and installers.

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