Posted on 30 April 2020

bCOSS goes live with the Municipality of Alkmaar

Excited to continue our innovative journey with the Municipality of Alkmaar, bGrid has delivered our first bCOSS solution. Implementing safer workplaces where employees can adhere to physical distancing, is ticking concern of employers at this moment. Municipality of Alkmaar is under way with preparations by installing the 3-layer bGrid COVID Office Safety Solution, which will provide insights into building utilization and air quality to indicate safety of office spaces. Integrated into the Municipality’s existing bGrid infrastructure, the solution will give feedback to the municipality’s management and facilities team not only adding to suitability and greener workplace.

Gain an overview into what is happening in their building. Read about our project case with the Municipality of Alkmaar in collaboration with Patrick Langendijk [Project Manager], Remko Huitema [Facilities Advisor], and Rob Kreeberg [Coordinator Maintenance and Real Estate Projects], all from the Municipality of Alkmaar.  


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