bGrid Comfort Index

bGrid welcomes you to get even more comfortable in your meeting room, as we provide you with extra information into our comfort index solution. VodafoneZiggo values the importance of optimizing your working environment to provide you with healthy meeting rooms. That’s why we are harnessing the power of our smart building together!

Comfort Index

With the latest in smart IoT building solutions we have rolled out bGrid’s comfort index.

  • What is it? The bGrid Comfort index combines our sensor data to estimate the current comfort level in the room.
  • Benefits Higher comfort values can boost productivity and improve healthy working conditions.
  • How does it work? Bringing you easy to read data insights direct to your meeting room, we feedback to you 4 measurements in one easy to use system.
  • Thermal – So you don’t cool down or get over heated, our room temperature is calculated according to ISO 7730, 55 ASHRAE, and ATG standards bringing you ideal conditions year-round.
  • Air – Vital in keeping a room healthy is in closely regulating CO2 and TVOC levels. Good air quality is a must to stay safe and alert.
  • Sound – For your concentration and wellness it is important to work in a room that is not too loud.
  • Light – is key to wellbeing and taking care of your vision. Making sure a room has enough light while not being overexposed our system monitors intensity of light.

bGrid building data for all

bGrid smart building solution is a collection of wireless bGrid sensors that allow for the optimization of building utilization through real-time data insights, and smart controls. With our flexible approach and open API, bGrid can interact with 3rdparty applications. iBeacons allow for the positioning of smart phones within a building. bGrid provides applications with building data i.e. indoor climate, light, occupancy, sound, comfort and optional CO2 & VOC level.

About bGrid

Innovating since 2015, bGrid is the final smart building solution you will ever need. Built to adapt, bGrid communicates with everything in your building. Our flexible approach and open API allows for enabling of fast accurate positioning of smart devices and integrates with 3rd party applications. Curious to know more? Check our home page.

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