Posted on 15 January 2020

bGrid installs smart building backbone for Zurich Airport in the prestigious The Circle project

Amsterdam, January 15thbGrid, the Dutch service provider in the field of smart buildings, has won the contract to provide the bGrid smart building backbone for the new HQ from Zurich Airport in The Circle, the new innovative center at Zurich Airport. This will provide both the owner, managers and end users with insight into the utilization of the various rooms and workplaces, the air quality, temperature, light, and other values.

The bGrid sensors will be integrated into the architectural design and are subtly incorporated into the open plan ceilings. The sensors collect usage data which is then displayed in a dashboard for administrators. By linking third-party apps to this, users of the building can, for example, easily find locations and free workplaces, or find a space with their comfort and health preferences. In addition, the software from bGrid can be linked to other 3rd party software solutions, creating new opportunities; in addition to Zurich Airport, the building also has other tenants for the offices, and other functions such as hotels, a convention center, a health clinic and various other functionalities.

Small footprint

The design of The Circle is by architect Riken Yamamoto, also the architect of the impressive Tianjin Library. He designed The Circle so that it connects the airport and the park on the other side. Although The Circle measures 180,000 m2, it has a small footprint of only around 30,000 m2. The need for heating and cooling will be met with energy stored in underground thermal storage units, while energy and water consumption is minimized through energy recovery. The center will be opened in 2020.   

Wouter Kok from bGrid: “The previous project by Riken Yamamoto was very impressive, but The Circle promises to go beyond that. As bGrid we are very happy to be part of this and to have won the support from Zurich Airport. We look forward to the cooperation.”


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