Posted on 17 March 2021

bGrid joins in strategic partnership with Smart Building Certification

Smart Building Certification, an independent platform and ecosystem developed to unlock the potential of smart building – joins in partnership with bGrid– a PropTech company that develops smart building technology which senses, collects, positions, controls and learns to provide actionable data insights for building owners, operators, and occupants.

With the importance of a healthy working environment at the forefront for businesses today, the push to reduce on building management cost, the change in working principles and increased requirements on building ‘s environmental performance, the need for building smart is now more-than-ever pressing. More-over smart buildings might be the only answer to this combination of multiple stringent requirements. With both Smart Building Certification and bGrid’s shared aim to enhance the quality, performance and comfort of buildings, this marks a future defining moment in the cultivation of smart building technology, research and networking.

Smart Building Certification uses a peer review model of independent assessors, who grant certificates that merit from Platinum through to Bronze. Though Smart Building Certification is not just a piece of documentation, but acts as a dynamic ecosystem. Operating as an interactive platform for companies and academic institutions, Smart Building Certification hosts peer led activities where knowledge, research and support opportunities are shared and realized.

Openness to collaborate is not only one of bGrid’s core values, but our technology is also stacked around our open API and our cross-traditional silo approach allows us to integrate with partners on a technical and practical level. bGrid believes in the willingness to work collaboratively within the industry, as this not only leads to continuous smart building innovation as a whole, but in turn allows us to deliver cutting edge smart buildings to our customers and their occupants.

The value of building smart is now seen to be essential to keep up with the changing needs of workforces, to provide companies with the ability to dynamically scale their organizations in a future proof way, to cut cost and to make their buildings future-proof. bReady, bGrid’s newest proposition allows you to be ready without any additional investment or operational expenses. Smart Building Certification and bGrid’s aim is to improve buildings and ultimately enhance the lifestyle of people who work within them. This value is already proven in common projects that are already harnessing the power of smart, both Southworks London and Edge Olympic Amsterdam have earned Platinum Smart Building Certification.

Nicolas White, Co-Founder, Smart Building Certification: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome bGrid to the Smart Building Certification ecosystem. It was only by chance that two of the first buildings we certified had bGrid technology integrated and we see now the vast potential of what we can learn from one another moving forward. Together, we plan to support the evolution and standardization of the Smart Building industry.”

Karl Van Ginderdeuren, CCO, bGrid: “What drew us to collaborate with Smart Buildings Certification initially was in our shared goals of improving occupants experience with their working environment through the value of smart building. We are excited to opening up new possibilities within the Smart Building ecosystem and build stronger bonds inside the industry as well as meet new experts beyond our current network.”

About Smart Building Certification
Smart Building Certification was founded in February 2020 as an initiative to establish an honest and independent platform that appraises buildings all around the globe on the basis of how smart they are. The Smart Building Certification is: ‘Founded in Science, refined in practice and constantly optimized by our network of experts’. The certification has a strong foundation in academic research and partnerships as well as what is growing to be the largest network within the smart building space.

About bGrid
Innovating since 2015, bGrid is built to adapt. bGrid is open to communicate with everything in your building and connect with multiple 3rd party applications. Creating smart buildings which are user friendly, bGrid multi-sensors sense all that happens in the building, to provide control of personal comfort and enable fast accurate positioning of smart devices. Our open platform collects, and openly unlocks all data from your building. bGrid has supplied products across the globe for the offices of clients such as Microsoft, Schiphol Real Estate, Zurich Airport, VodafoneZiggo, Coima, Heineken, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Danone and many more. Using bGrid’s smart building solution, companies are able to optimize occupancy rates, improve health and comfort, increase employee satisfaction and increase sustainability.

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