Posted on 1 April 2021

bGrid launches new product bSeated: the future of room booking

bGrid– a PropTech company that develops smart building technology which senses, collects, positions, controls and learns to provide actionable data insights for building owners, operators, and occupants – today unveiled bSeated, their first application exclusively tailored to room booking. Built to integrate with bGrid’s existing infrastructure and Microsoft Office 365 this inspiring new application is set to be the future of smart room booking.

Often a building has the capacity of suitable rooms but due to inefficient booking systems they appear unavailable and thus go unused. We have seen a growing pressure on businesses to provide their workforces with suitable meeting rooms on demand. With workers booking external meeting rooms on top of building rental fees, costs can skyrocket.  However, this is only a temporarily fix, companies can find them self’s excessively spending but not solving the long-term issue. bSeated is a smart application which helps make the most out of a building as an asset, by allowing an occupant to find the best available room, as quickly as possible.

“Meeting room booking, availability and usage pattern is a recurring discussion topic with many our industry contacts. We felt that quality of meeting rooms was often being overlooked. That’s why we invested in the development of bSeated, a dedicated room booking solution, to solve these exact challenges.” said Karl van Ginderdeuren, bGrid’s CCO. “With a simple implementation process, as well as being easy to use; these were the two key foundations set down in the development of bSeated. The single goal is to support the user in the finding the best available meeting room, as quick as possible. bSeated is built on basis of the combined outlook and bGrid data. The combination allows to qualify the quality of the meeting room up front, and enhance the analysis of the rooms usage retrospectively. And if the room settings would need to be changed during the meeting, the controls are available at a glance.”

Built together with Kees Schollaart founder of GetRoom.Info, bSeated has been created for occupants to make finding the best room easy and fun. “With a passion to reinvent room finding; I’m super excited to support in getting bGrid’s valuable data insights even quicker to the end user, allowing them to combine this with Office 365 Outlook Agenda data so that they can get to the best meeting room even faster. Wherever the user is, in a hurry on their phone or for instance trying to plan a workshop that is in the future, they can book a room with ease ahead of time.” Kees Schollaart, Founder, Building owners also reap the benefits of gaining more value from their smart building and less cost of booking external space. How does this work?

bSeated puts room booking in the hands of the user. The mobile app operates by combining Microsoft’s Outlook agenda and bGrid’s building occupancy and climate data. Users can browse upcoming schedules of a room; with real time insights this opens a freedom for spontaneous room booking and easy cancellation of no-show bookings. By integrating with bGrid’s existing infrastructure, bSeated utilizes building data such as occupancy, temperature, humidity and air quality. Empowering users to take control and check conditions of rooms before booking allowing for more efficient reopening of offices in a safer way.

bSeated is a self-service solution, so onboarding is simple and users can add their own metadata such as room characteristics like photos, seating count and peripherals. This means the user and other building users can access information and specs about the room they wish to book.  We believe with recent evolutions in ‘new ways of working’ bSeated is a part of the smart building revolution, providing adaptable buildings for the rapidly changing needs of businesses. In return allowing business to get the most out of their building without the heavy costs of booking external meeting rooms. bSeated will build upon bGrid’s as an ever evolving and adaptable solution.

About bGrid

Innovating since 2015, bGrid is built to adapt. bGrid is open to communicate with everything in your building and connect with multiple 3rd party applications. Creating smart buildings which are user friendly, bGrid multi-sensors sense all that happens in the building, to provide control of personal comfort and enable fast accurate positioning of smart devices. Our open platform collects, and openly unlocks all data from your building. bGrid has supplied products across the globe for the offices of clients such as Microsoft, Schiphol Real Estate, Zurich Airport, VodafoneZiggo, Coima, Heineken, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Danone and many more. Using bGrid’s smart building solution, companies are able to optimize occupancy rates, improve health and comfort, increase employee satisfaction and increase sustainability.

About GetRoom.Info

Started in 2019, GetRoom.Info is a platform build by two (former) Microsoft software architects. This service is aimed to make it easy and fun to find the right meeting room, everywhere. It combines building-sensor-data with the Office 365 Room Calendars and is super easy to get started with. GetRoom.Info provides an intuitive UI to maintain a room catalogue for your organization and offices. In combination with any occupancy or climate sensor, the user can create combined search queries over agenda, metadata, current occupancy and climate conditions.

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