Posted on 30 March 2020

bGrid measures building utilization during Corona outbreak

Immerse yourself in the world of smart building with bGrid. Captured with bGrid technology this time-lapse tells the journey of our client’s building utilization over an average working week. Specifically focusing on how building utilization developed over the past three weeks when stricter Corona control measures were adopted in workplaces.

The bGrid data is easily analyzed with Microsoft Power BI due to its clear structure and embedded geometry and other meta data. bGrid accurately measures building utilization, allowing our client secure real time and historic data. The data above was gathered over multiple sites and holds utilization data for every minute from every room as well as in open areas. For any industry knowledge is power, smart building data generation such as this is helping in the understanding and tackling of issues such as increasing building utilization and decreasing climate energy waste. Together let’s flatten the curve through innovation.


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