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VodafoneZiggo values the importance of optimizing your working environment to provide you with healthy meeting rooms. That’s why we are harnessing the power of our smart building!

Bringing comfort and control to your day bGrid delivers actionable data insights direct to this room. Interactive tablets allow you to enhance your comfort levels in real time. Utilizing gathered building occupancy and climate data such as: temperature, humidity, light, occupancy, sound, comfort, and CO2 & VOC levels. Empowering users to take control and check conditions of rooms before booking allowing for more efficient reopening of offices in a safer way.

Why measure air quality?

Elevated CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels can indicate insufficient ventilation, or the buildup of exhaled breath from office users. Indoor air quality is a major factor to our health and wellbeing with studies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stating that people on average spend 90% of their time indoors.

Pollutants in our indoor environment can also increase the risk of illness. While most buildings do not have severe indoor air quality problems, even well-run buildings can sometimes experience episodes of poor indoor air quality.

That’s why bGrid has developed this feedback system so you can take control and action of your meeting rooms air quality. Providing you with a healthy working environment at VodafoneZiggo so you can enjoy your day and be at your best productive self is key. So take a break from your meeting or open a window or door when our monitor indicates an elevated CO2 warning.

About bGrid

bGrid smart building solution is a collection of wireless bGrid sensors that allow for the optimization of building utilization through real-time data insights, and smart controls. Curious to know more? Check our homepage

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