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bSeated puts room booking in the user’s hands

bSeated is a self-service solution, so onboarding is simple and users can add their own metadata such as room characteristics like photos, seating count and peripherals. This means the user and other building users can access information and specs about the room they wish to book.

Focusing on user experience

  • Find best available room as quick as possible 
  • Search through additional metadata: floor level, peripherals or capacity 
  • Quick peek in the room’s upcoming schedule and a pictures of the room 
  • Optional replacement for on-wall displays via nameplate with QR Code 

bSeated is a part of the smart building revolution

It’s an ever-evolving solution, providing adaptable buildings for the rapidly changing needs of businesses. ‘New ways of working’ just got a whole lot easier. 

By integrating with bGrids existing infrastructure, bSeated utilizes building data such as occupancy, temperature, humidity and air quality. Empowering users to take control and check conditions of rooms before booking allowing for more efficient reopening of offices in a safer way.   

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