Set to be the future of room booking

bSeated is bGrid’s first application exclusively centered around finding the best available room as quick as possible.

With Outlook as the basis, we offer an easy-to-use room finder, in Outlook, via the web and on your phone. Log in with your corporate credentials and start using this ‘Software as a Service’ solution. Built on top of Office 365, your Outlook rooms can be used immediately!

How does it work?

Availability = Agenda + Occupancy

Some customers we work with have a utilization of 40% while users experience their office as ‘always fully booked’. Let’s fix that, because rooms are way too expensive to be left empty.

bSeated brings agenda and occupancy together. We provide you with insights into poorly behaving rooms and enable people to make use of those free (but already booked) rooms.

No expensive room display needed

Room displays are super expensive to install and maintain, the software is limited, the batteries die, connection is lost, … It’s a hardware-solution for a problem that does not need hardware. A Room Finding solution should not need a costly implementation project. Simple, free and self-service (onboarding) for IT, Facilities and most important: the end user.

Relieve facilities from the planning tasks

Power to the people! Give users a tool that works and they’ll do it themselves! We can assure you of that!

Build on top of Office 365

We’ve built the platform on top of the Office 365 foundation, meaning your data and security is managed by Microsoft. When you log in with your corporate credentials you will be asked to consent our platform to read the ‘free/busy’ time of the Room Calendars in your organization. bSeated does not need/ask for access to any user’s mailbox or agenda.

bSeated puts room booking in the user’s hands

bSeated is a self-service solution, so onboarding is simple and users can add their own metadata such as room characteristics like photos, seating count and peripherals. This means the user and other building users can access information and specs about the room they wish to book.

Focusing on user experience

  • Find best available room as quick as possible 
  • Search through additional metadata: floor level, peripherals or capacity 
  • Quick peek in the room’s upcoming schedule and a pictures of the room 
  • Optional replacement for on-wall displays via nameplate with QR Code 

bSeated is a part of the smart building revolution

It’s an ever-evolving solution, providing adaptable buildings for the rapidly changing needs of businesses. ‘New ways of working’ just got a whole lot easier. 

By integrating with bGrids existing infrastructure, bSeated utilizes building data such as occupancy, temperature, humidity and air quality. Empowering users to take control and check conditions of rooms before booking allowing for more efficient reopening of offices in a safer way.   

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