Posted on 20 February 2019

Catch up on the latest smart buildings tech news

Have you heard about how smart cities and IOT can help cut CO2 emissions and improve employee experience, productivity and wellbeing? They’re all hot topics that are hitting the headlines, and being debated around boardroom tables, across the globe. To help you keep up, here’s a brief round up of some of the latest smart building technology trends, with examples of how companies are using bGrid’s technology in the real world.

Turn your office building into a smartphone

Microsoft’s Schiphol offices have installed bGrid’s smart building platform. The grid of sensors now measures, positions and controls everything and helps employees locate colleagues, find a free workplace or book a meeting room. As Schiphol Real Estate’s Managing Director, Jan Willem Weissink, observes, “the building turns into a kind of smartphone on which we can install all kinds of applications.”

bGrid technology also means the building is harvesting valuable data. This can be used for future office re-designs and the benefits go well beyond energy savings. Smart office design can also improve employee satisfaction, productivity and wellbeing.

Put your office on a diet

Just to be clear, we’re talking about your building not your employees here. In the PassPort building at Zaventem airport, Belgium, Microsoft provides 123 workstations for 400 employees. That might sound like a tight squeeze, but in fact, it’s just tightly calculated.

bGrid sensors monitor the presence of staff and visitors, light intensity, acoustics and air humidity. It all helps make optimal use of the space, as well as meeting the individual comfort needs of employees. As bGrid’s CEO, Wouter Kok, says, “sensors solve the battle of who controls the radiator button.”

Sorry Mr Postman, your services are not required

How would you feel about working in a building where robots deliver the post and help with teleconferences? It’s already happening at the Edge Olympic building in Amsterdam. Alongside the libraries and meditation spaces, bGrid technology is tracking the temperature, humidity and light intensity of this exciting space that has achieved excellent sustainability certifications.

Putting IOT into practice

bGrid technology is not just being used in innovative new buildings. It’s also highly effective in existing buildings. If you’d like to know how, this article links to a three-page PDF interview with bGrid’s Wouter Kok. In it, he discusses everything from the functioning of sensors and node bundling to communication protocols, privacy and security.

Busy: how to thrive in a world of too much

That sentiment resonates with many of us. It’s also the title of a book by Tony Crabbe. Find out how it inspired Microsoft’s Digital Adviser, Chris Nouveau. And, how bGrid’s smart building technology is helping to improve employee and visitor experience.

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