Posted on 27 October 2021

Kindow and bGrid team up to increase daylight usage in office buildings

Image Courtesy of MVRDV

Good daylight control in buildings is essential for a healthy and productive working environment and efficient energy management.

Amsterdam, 28 October 2021 – Kindow, a developer of intelligent sun and daylight controls for office buildings, today announces that its Kindow Rollers can be connected to bGrid‘s smart building system. Thanks to the intelligent sensor platform of bGrid, usage and comfort data from buildings can be collected and distributed to various third-party apps. In addition, bGrid unlocks all smart technologies via the same interface. This allows users to easily control all equipment via one app. With the entry of Kindow into the ecosystem, users of the platform can now also easily control and manage Kindow Rollers. In this way, they can increase daylighting within their building, for a healthy and productive workplace, and save energy on cooling, heating and lighting.

With Kindow Rollers added to the bGrid platform, the user-friendly total solution for smart buildings is not only expanded, but users can also save considerably more energy. bGrid users can easily combine Kindow Rollers with active daylight-controlled indoor lighting. This can result in energy savings of up to 40%, according to research by TU/Eindhoven. While common solutions to improve energy performance deliver comparable savings, intelligent shading and lighting is generally easier and cheaper to implement. This combination between intelligent lighting and Kindow Rollers will be applied via the bGrid platform in the new Matrix ONE building at Amsterdam Science Park.

bGrid’s intelligent sensor platform can also collect data relevant to Kindow’s sun and daylight control. For example, if a system is aware of the presence of employees and the thermostat adjustments of the room, this can give an insight into the need for cooling or heating. Kindow Rollers can use this data to further refine the control and thus further optimize comfort and energy savings.

The bGrid system offers a dedicated dashboard that gives building managers a better insight into the comfort experience of the building. Kindow can then do remotely software upgrades and configuration changes using this data without the need for physical adjustments. In this way the Kindow Rollers can be better tailored to the needs of the users, they are more future-proof and the energy savings and comfort within a building can be significantly improved.

Sam Kin, co-founder and CEO of Kindow, is very enthusiastic about the collaboration: “bGrid has an enormous amount of knowledge to connect smart building applications, which adds additional value to our solution. Together we can also further improve the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings. We are therefore very excited about the fact that our joint total solution will be used in leading projects such as MatrixONE. In addition, thanks to the data from the bGrid platform, we gain a better understanding of the needs of different users, allowing us to further improve our technology.”

Kees van Grieken, Senior Product Manager, bGrid: “Our partnership with Kindow represents an important strategic partnership for bGrid. The direct link between Kindow’s smart daylight technology and bGrid not only leads to a better user experience, but is also easy to maintain when the office layout is changed. In addition, the technology works extremely well with other smart solutions to give our users a healthier working environment while saving energy. We are therefore convinced that Kindow is a great addition”

About Kindow

Daylight is essential for a pleasant, healthy and productive working environment. Kindow has therefore developed an intelligent sun and daylight control, in which the roller blinds automatically follow the position of the sun. According to research by TU/Eindhoven, this allows up to 65% more daylight to enter compared to traditional buildings, which has a positive effect on people’s well-being. In addition, Kindow’s solutions also provide energy savings of up to 20% on cooling, heating and lighting.

About bGrid

Innovating since 2015, bGrid is offering smart building data for all. bGrid is open to communicate with the installations in the building and connect with many 3rd party applications. Creating smart buildings which are user friendly, bGrid multi-sensors sense all that happens in the building, to provide control of personal comfort, enable fast accurate positioning of smart devices and save energy. Our open platform collects, and openly unlocks all data from your building. bGrid has supplied products across the globe for the offices of clients such as Microsoft, Schiphol Real Estate, Zurich Airport, VodafoneZiggo, Coima, Heineken, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Danone and many more. Using bGrid’s smart building solution, companies are able to optimize occupancy rates, improve health and comfort, increase employee satisfaction and increase sustainability.


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