Posted on 5 June 2020

Now launched: Safe and Healthy COVID Office Approach, Certified

bGrid, in collaboration with YNNO, Kuijpers, WPA, OfficeLync and TuV Nederland, has set up Safe and Healthy Office approach (Veilig en Gezond Kantoor). Created to collectively solve challenges faced by organizations during and beyond COVID-19 in the workplace, bGrid will actively participate in the realization of a total approach solution. An approach that will deliver certified COVID safe offices.   

The total approach solution You Want To Be Ok aims to create a future-proof office that meets COVID-19 safety guidelines. Not only advising organizations but implementing and certifying industry leading solutions to achieve a safe and healthy office. This unique certification will demonstrate that all desired and necessary measures have been taken to provide a safe and healthy working environment.  

bGrid’s role will provide insight into both real-time compliance and historical insights into safe office use, through the proven bGrid smart building infrastructure. This helps people in the safe, healthy and effective use of the building and gives insights to (facility) management to optimize their procedures.   

Veilig en Gezond Kantoor is a one-stop-shop for your organization’s office or real estate needs regarding future-oriented workplace concepts, safe climate installations, adaptive smart building techniques, vitality and sustainable employability of employees and health & safety certification.  


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