Posted on 15 December 2020

PointGrab and bGrid Announce Strategic Partnership

Amsterdam, 15 December 2020 – PointGrab– developer of CogniPoint, the leader in embedded-analytic sensors, has entered into a strategic partnership with bGrid–  who provides smart building infrastructures, which sense, collect, and learn; to provide actionable data insights for building owners, operators and occupants.

With data and technology playing an increasingly vital role in all aspects of business, and in our working lifestyles, organizations are recognizing the need to accelerate the development and implementation of smart solutions. Both supporting them in their ability to dynamically scale their organizations in a futureproof way. PointGrab and bGrid have been innovating to enable our client’s workplaces and workforces adapt to rapidly changing times. bGrid itself is built to integrate; enabling third party smart building hardware and software providers to easily connect, and develop together.

Sharing the goal of creating leading smart buildings, both PointGrab and bGrid have been adopting machine learning techniques to harness the potential of untapped data. PointGrab applies its superior deep-learning and image recognition technology to the smart buildings and CRE-Tech ecosystems, with bGrid providing an end-to-end open smart building platform that allows updating its technology over the air, ensuring smart builds continue to develop over their operational life span. Our joint ambition is in creating flexible and ever evolving smart solutions to not only react to, but to have a sustainable impact on the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate.

Roee Peled, VP Global Sales and Business Development at PointGrab:

“As organizations have been seeking expansive data on their real-estate pre COVID-19, and are looking for smart solutions around Return to Work strategies during the pandemic, the collaboration between PointGrab and bGrid is a no-brainer technically and commercially. The combined data from both platforms will, not only, enable our Channel Partners and customers to utilize the richest dataset available in the market today, but will also provide it in a single pipe, significantly shortening integration and onboarding processes.”

Karl Van Ginderdeuren, CCO at bGrid:

“Strengthening both product and people, bGrid’s partnership with PointGrab opens up a fresh new perspective and unlocks new possibilities, placing our clients on the best path for continuous improvement. By drawing upon our collective experience within the commercial real estate industry, we aim to innovate and provide data driven, people centric, smart buildings today , to ensure futureproof buildings that adapt and develop over lifetimes.”

About PointGrab

Leveraging its ground-breaking sensing technology, PointGrab is pioneering the next generation of office workspace optimization solutions. PointGrab is a leading machine learning and computer vision PropTech company that provides smart sensing solutions to the building automation industry. The company applies its superior deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient real-time analytics are lacking. PointGrab’s platform has been successfully deployed at numerous Fortune 500/1000 corporates, including leading financial institutions, global Banks, universities, Tech corporates, Telecom operators and shared workspaces companies.

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