Client: Municipality of Eindhoven

Case Study Eindhoven Municipal Office

The municipality of Eindhoven will make seven municipal buildings more sustainable within ten years. The City Hall Tower in the heart of Eindhoven is more than fifty years old and was the first for a complete renovation. bGrid has supplied 350 sensors to control: climate, temperature, air supply and lighting. 

The challenge - How do you integrate smart building technology when creating a sustainable government building? 

The Municipality of Eindhoven is working on creating a city that uses energy and materials in a sustainable way. Making municipal buildings and offices more sustainable is an important measure that contributes to the objective of "an energy-neutral built environment by 2035". With the 'Smart Sustainable Municipal Buildings' project, seven buildings will be upgraded in different ways within ten years. The City Hall Tower was the first to be undertaken.

The municipality set a number of sustainability ambitions - for example, energy consumption had to be reduced, at least 500 workplaces had to be created and the building had to be smart. A set of aims which were asked to the commercial building industry experts, to come up with the best solution.

Technical installer Kuijpers formed a consortium with Brink Groep, DOOR architects / Rudy Uytenhaak + partners architects, DWA and Ballast Nedam Zuid. This consortium, which gave itself the name Mpuls was awarded the contract.

One of the requirements that the municipality set for the plan was, that space should be used efficiently and that civil servants should experience comfort in their workplace.

The solution - Energy efficientcomfortable and convenient 

With only the monumental facade remaining intact, the most modern facilities have been installed throughout the building, both in terms of construction and installation technology. Martin Staal, technical director of building automation at Kuijpers sees enormous growth in making existing construction more sustainable. He engaged bGrid for this project. Martin: "We use 350 bGrid sensors in the City Hall Tower to control all installations: climate, temperature, air supply and lighting."

The sensors detect presence, measure the temperature, humidity and CO2 content in a room. Based on this data, the climate system, air treatment and lighting operate automatically when people are present. When a room is empty, the sensors turn off. Energy efficient, comfortable and convenient because employees no longer have to take action to create a pleasant working environment. In addition, employees can set the right conditions themselves. The sensor network will soon offer the municipal organization even more convenience: thanks to all the data, it will also be able to make indoor localization of materials and people in the near future, as well as automated workplace reservations with Mapiq.

bGrid also collects data about the use of the building. By linking this data with Simaxx, analyzes can be made about the operation and energy consumption of the building.

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"If you are going to build a new building or renovate an existing one, it is important to think about the possibilities that modern technology offers. Even if you don't know what exactly you need your building to do, make sure that it is a smart building."
Martin Staal, technical director of building, automation at Kuijpers
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