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There is a good chance that your office today looks completely different than ten years ago. With your laptop under your arm, you can now work where and when you want.

So, today’s office must also meet a new set of conditions. Current and future employees expect more than a collection of flex spaces and laptops. Ideally, it is an inspiring workplace that you enjoy coming to and is attractive enough to draw in new talent from the market. This year alone there is more than one million vacancies expected in The Netherlands alone, and this comes to the fore already in a tight labor market. Therefore a pleasant workplace can make the difference. bGrid plays a key role in delivering this.

Phased Roll-Out

Phase one: Navigate. Employees can already make full use of navigation through the building and book spaces. This can be done via a special app or the screens that you will find at various places in the building.

Phase two: Optimization. Phase two consists of optimizing the use of the building. Thanks to the bGrid solution, VodafoneZiggo can enable more efficient use of the office, manage energy better and support staff can be deployed better and more efficiently.

Phase three: Give employees access to information relevant to them. It will also be easier to find your colleagues in the building thanks to the tracker in the app. So you see immediately in the morning on arrival where your team is at work. And if you want to work in silence elsewhere, you can find a quiet place via the app. That saves a lot of stress.
The privacy of users has been taken into account when developing the app. Employees can indicate themselves whether they want to be found in the workplace via the app, for example. "You choose whether, and with which colleagues, you share this information through an opt-in," said the expert.

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"At Vodafone, the Internet of Things is not just about things, but especially about people and the things they do with it. Whether it is about working smarter and more efficiently, saving costs in your daily production or launching a disruptive product."
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