Client: Edge Technologies

Designed to minimize its environmental impact

Edge Olympic

EDGE Olympic follows a new sustainability strategy to maximize the benefits for both people and the planet. The building aims to be one of the first offices in The Netherlands to be at least WELL Gold certified, bringing together the latest research and technical innovations in health and wellbeing. In addition, EDGE Olympic has been designed to minimize its environmental impact. Instead of demolishing the original building it was redeveloped, reusing existing materials and introducing circular products and systems. To achieve these goals OVG chose to implement bGrid® to power its central communications infrastructure in the building.

Source images and text: Edge Technologies


bGrid implementation

EDGE Olympic is based on a digital infrastructure that connects everything and everyone within its walls to a single cloud platform. The Mapiq app together with the bGrid lets users find a free workplace or book a room based on real time occupancy data with the possibility to customize the lighting and temperature. The Mapiq app also allow users to find a colleague based on positioning data from bGrid. The sophisticated digital infrastructure is flexible, making it future-proof. Extra services can be easily added to meet the changing needs of tenants and users. This enables EDGE Olympic to continuously update its system to contribute to user comfort, productivity and creativity.

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