Posted on 8 June 2023

Provada 2023

‘Get Smart in a Few Steps’ aims to guide visitors through the many smart building solutions. Smart Building Collective and its partner organizations will present the latest trends and technologies in the field of smart buildings through a short informative tour for visitors.

The 20-minute smart tours will start every hour at PROVADA FUTURE.

How can you manageably make your building smarter?

A Smart Building Certification is the benchmark to assess how smart your building and organization are. With a holistic approach, we provide insights into your current standing and offer guidance on the next steps to further enhance your building and organization. A selection of our partners demonstrates the possibilities from a broad perspective:

Bisner offers a convenient user application that simplifies booking meeting rooms and workspaces.

Toogethr provides mobility solutions to reduce your employees’ commuting time.

With Eagle Eye Networks‘ AI-based cloud surveillance, you can effectively and securely protect your building.

MeteoViva utilizes AI energy optimization to reduce your energy consumption and lower costs.

InBiot provides insights and actions for optimal air quality in your building.

Iconics aggregates data on one platform to provide all information.

bGrid delivers sensors to provide insights into occupancy, usage, and conditions of your building.

Smartvatten offers water management solutions.

A combination of these solutions transforms your building into a Smart Building, and the Smart Building Certification ensures that organizational aspects such as governance, innovation, thought leadership, etc., are on your organization’s radar. Visit our ‘Get Smart in a Few Steps’ booth and discover how you can make your building smarter using these technologies and our expertise in smart building solutions.


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