Posted on 14 April 2021

Realising TU Delft’s latest smart building

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund collaborates with bGrid to make NEXT Delft truly smart

Amsterdam, 14 April 2021 – ASR Dutch Science Park Fund (a.s.r.) investment company, together with developer Stone22 and total installer Schulte en Lestraden, has chosen bGrid to integrate its smart building infrastructure and platform into the NEXT Delft building. bGrid– a PropTech company that provides smart building technology which sense, collect, position, control and learn providing actionable data insights for building owners, operators, and occupants.  

With the ambition to retain and attract innovative scale-ups, MKB’s and corporates within the ecosystem of TU Delft, the 1st stage 10,000 m2 multi-tenant building NEXT Delft, is being realized for ASR Dutch Science Park Fund. The goal is to provide offices, manufacturing space to these growing companies. bGrid helps to develop the vision into a reality. By providing the smart technology to create an intuitive building that reflects the innovative activities of its occupants, as well as adapting to their various needs overtime. bGrid consists of a grid of sensors connected to the Internet of Things, it will serve as a single digital backbone to NEXT Delft, insuring an adaptable futureproof smart building that will evolve with the user’s needs. 

bGrid will provide the facility managers and end users with valuable data insights into the utilization of the various meeting rooms and workplaces, the air quality, temperature, light, and other environmental parameters. Proving a healthy, comfortable state-of-the art building was a must for a.s.r. real estate, as well as the need to be as sustainable as possible. bGrid’s sensors support and enable these goals, as they are linked to HVAC systems and provide lighting management. Machine learned data end points and algorithms benchmark comfort, provide insights into improvement potential.  

The sensors collect usage data which is then displayed in a dashboard for building managers for usage and capacity analyzes. By linking own and third-party apps to the data, users of the building can, for example, easily find free workplaces, or find a space with their comfort and health preferences (lighting, temperature, and air quality). Insights into the usage of the building can be used by the cleaning company to optimise cleaning. bGrid’s open platform allows to adapt to the needs of the users and operators over time.

Via the building’s dedicated app, users can directly control the climate and lighting according to their preferences, as well as book meeting rooms, creating an optimal working environment. bGrid will also help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a.s.r. real estate’s operational activities, both on a daily basis as well as overtime as the building evolves. bGrid provides the tools and software for this and will support NEXT Delft. Over-the-air software updates allow the building to evolve over time without a constant need to carry out physical upgrades. The platform is future proof allowing to implement internal layout changes or technological upgrades through simple configuration changes remotely. Together with a.s.r. real estate bGrid is looking forward to enable NEXT Delft’s future innovative tenants to actively grow and progress in TU Delft’s dynamic ecosystem for years to come. 

Michael van der Leer, technisch assetmanager, at ASR Dutch Science Park Fund: “At ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, we strive for high-quality innovative technical buildings. With a rapidly developing market, buildings are becoming increasingly digital and smart, whereby all technical systems can optimally work together. A Smart Building is therefore a must to make buildings more active, sustainable and productive for their users. At a.s.r. real estate, we have found this in bGrid, as a system which forms the basis for the mutual connection and control of technologies. With the open structure of bGrid, we see further possibilities for a building that adapts itself to, weather conditions, daylight, indoor climate, occupancy, among other things. With the well-being of our tenants as well as sustainability and environmental friendliness at first priority for us! ” 

Karl Van Ginderdeuren, CCO at bGrid: “Taking a different perspective on our projects we aim to open up significant value that is largely untouched by most building owners and companies. From the start, a.s.r. real estate understood and valued the potential of smart building technology to future proof the development. A building’s active interaction with the users, systems and external elements around them enables to adapt to the specific needs of the individual and the businesses within them by increasing comfort, efficiency, sustainability, resiliency and safety. The partnership with a.s.r. real estate is the start of a joint endeavor for continuous optimization and improvements along the human and building centric value axis of buildings. I am convinced the open structure of bGrid in combination with the innovative mindset of a.s.r. real estate, and the brilliance of the tenants will result in use cases and applications unimaginable today. I’m looking forward to the road ahead!” 

About ASR Dutch Science Park Fund  

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund was founded on 1 March 2019 by a.s.r. real estate. The Fund, which invests in commercial real estate, focuses on the most attractive science parks in the Netherlands. Through these investments, a.s.r. real estate actively contributes to the development of the Dutch knowledge sector, fostering local science park ecosystems and offering companies the opportunity to be physically closer to new technology and expertise. This promotes the development of new knowledge and innovative products and services, creating valuable social returns. 

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund is the fourth sector fund founded by a.s.r. real estate, with a primary focus on institutional investors. As with the retail, residential and office funds, ASR Nederland N.V. acts as anchor investor. 

About bGrid 

Innovating since 2015, bGrid is built to adapt. bGrid is open to communicate with everything in your building and connect with multiple 3rd party applications. Creating smart buildings which are user friendly, bGrid multi-sensors sense all that happens in the building, to provide control of personal comfort and enable fast accurate positioning of smart devices. Our open platform collects, and openly unlocks all data from your building. bGrid has supplied products across the globe for the offices of clients such as Microsoft, Schiphol Real Estate, Zurich Airport, VodafoneZiggo, Coima, Heineken, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Danone and many more. Using bGrid’s smart building solution, companies are able to optimize occupancy rates, improve health and comfort, increase employee satisfaction and increase sustainability. 

Read the press release in Dutch here pdf.

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