Posted on 19 June 2019

Smart Building Technology implemented in Newly Renovated City Office of Alkmaar

Smart building technology has been installed in the newly renovated city office of Alkmaar. The renovated office now serves as a flex environment where visitors can easily find colleagues and free spaces through an app.

300 bGrid sensors have been implemented that measure light intensity, noise, CO2, movement, humidity and ambient temperature, among other things. These values can also be seen in the building management system through which you can easily adjust a room that, for example, has a too low or high temperature.

The sensors can also determine where your colleagues are located. By giving permission to the app, you allow your colleagues to find you via the search function. In addition, you can also book meeting rooms through the real-time data that show if, when and where a space is available. The aim of the renovated office is to make the users’ experience in the building more pleasant and efficient.

 This is a summary of an article that appeared on FACTO. Click here to read the full article.


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