Posted on 16 December 2019

Solid walls form the basis for further growth

Looking back at 2019 and making plans for 2020

Doing business is just like building the Sagrada Familia, you are never finished. You invest continuously for many years in new solutions, partnerships, markets and people and you reap the benefits along the way. As a company, bGrid was built-up quickly, with fast growing numbers of large customers and projects. For us, 2019 was a year in which the walls were reinforced, so that we can continue to grow in 2020.

Coima HQ equipped with bGrid in 2019

Rome was not built in one day

Successfully completing a smart building project requires a lot of time and dedication. Several projects were completed in 2019. For example, this year COIMA’s head office in Italy is equipped with bGrid sensors and systems. COIMA is the market leader in Italy in the field of investment in, and the development and management of, real estate for international and domestic clients. With COIMA, we will continue in 2020 with the Bonnet project that will be completed in the same year. We are also very proud that we are one of the players to contribute to the innovative Milanese MIND project together with Lendlease. In Switzerland we have finished the Cubic Innovation Centre for Buhler, a leading manufacturer of machinery. Next year we will be working with Zurich Airport (FZAG) and equip their new headquarters, which is part of the prestigious project ‘The Circle’, with the bGrid solution. In Paris we have made one of the Doublon towers “smart” and we will also expand this to the second tower in 2020. For Microsoft we completed projects on Zaventem Airport and Schiphol Airport. Beautiful projects have also been completed in the Netherlands, including new offices for Asics, Danone and Vodafone Ziggo.

Vodafone Ziggo
VodafoneZiggo HQ equipped with bGrid 2019

A solid foundation

In addition to a year of success, 2019 was also a year of consolidation. This was crowned by the minority interest that Priva took in bGrid. This shows that not only the market, but also that bGrid has become mature. All functionalities work fully on scale and there are around 30,000 devices delivered, monitored and supported 24/7 by bGrid. More and more customers are ready for the next step: Proactively extracting actionable insights from data. For example, they can see which meeting rooms and concentration workplaces are being used and where telephone booths work well and where not. Sometimes you also see that spaces perform poorly in terms of health and comfort, but are still used a lot. The air quality can sometimes be so poor that people must feel as if they have consumed two (or more!) alcoholic drinks. At the moment there is a lot of dynamics in the smart building world and new players are popping up like mushrooms. Only a few offer a complete solution, like we do. It gives peace and confidence that we have that position.

Partners you can rely on

We have seen a significant increase in the number of partners in Europe in this year. As the market becomes more mature, you can see that the apps are also becoming more and more mature and that many large parties are developing smart building apps; large organizations like CRBE (with CBRE Host), ISS (with MyDay) and white label solutions within Microsoft Azure.

Smart buildings become the standard

In addition to the beautiful user interfaces and applications for users such as Office App and Mapiq, there is an increased focus on interpreting data in an intelligent way. Real estate owners, operators and facility managers are increasingly asking for data to create insights. We notice that a smart building becomes the new normal, that it is standard in the design of many new buildings and renovations. Europe is leading the world on the topic of sustainability, health and smart real estate. In addition to the Netherlands, we also see that Italy (specifically Milan), Swiss and other European countries are developing very fast at the moment.

Ready, set, go…

Where 2019 was the year building a solid foundation, 2020 will be the year of growth. We want to strengthen and expand our position in the rest of Europe. In addition, we want to learn more about the data we generate and advise our customers on making their buildings more healthy, future proof and energy efficient. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal that installers, construction companies and integrators feel more familiar with our technology.

We can support Europe’s leading position for sustainability and health in real estate. With the solid foundation that we have established this year, we are ready for a new growth spurt. We are therefore very much looking forward to what 2020 will bring us!

Bart Melis (CEO) and Wouter Kok (CCO)


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