Posted on 18 September 2019

The Central Office of Vodafone Ziggo transformed into Smart Building

The office, opened in 2018 in Utrecht, is provided with IoT solutions that ensure convenience, efficiency, time savings, a pleasant indoor climate and more insight into the use of the building. The building is equipped with the necessary sensors: 1000 bGrid sensors in the ceiling and 1050 NB-IoT Zens sensors with Vodafone connectivity installed under the desks and in the telephone cubes. The sensors continuously measure all kinds of values, such as temperature, air and light, and maps the workplace occupancy.

The fact that numerous things are measured in the office via the smart building technology brings benefits to Facility Management in several areas. They can see at any time of the day where the building is warmer or cooler. When the sun is shining on a room for too long and the temperature rises, he or she can immediately cool that zone back via the system. Besides this, facility managers can also see that the occupancy on Wednesday afternoons and Fridays is low. With the smart building technology, they will be able to decide to put building components on ‘black.’ When someone comes in in the morning, he immediately sees that it is not possible to work on the fifth floor, for example. Facility-wise that is a significant advantage of the smart building. It needs less cleaning and saves energy because you do not have to warm or cool the space or turn on the lights. Ultimately, intelligent building technology enables Vodafone Ziggo to coordinate the products and services even better with the wishes of the building occupants. 

This is a summary of an article that appeared on Facto. Click here to read the entire article in Dutch.


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