Posted on 15 September 2021

The Perfect Storm

Over recent months, we have seen dramatic changes across the world affecting global markets, with commercial real estate not being an exception. The pandemic shifted the paradigm of healthy buildings, the need for data in real estate and the surge for indoor air quality.

With multiple policies coming into play for a variety of nations who are putting higher emphasis on sustainability goals, healthy building expectations are sure to be up next. The focus of commercial real estate is drastically advancing upon the trends that arose to the surface throughout 2020-2021. It is in the building owner’s best interest to embrace the change for buildings that not only reach energy saving standards, but also support the wellness of occupants. As time and tide wait for no man, now is the moment to sail out of the perfect storm towards this new horizon.

How smart and healthy buildings generate value for all stakeholders

A smart building system can provide the technical means to reduce building operational costs, save energy and lower the CO2 footprint. The value of implementing such technology goes further since COVID-19 ignited the surge for healthy building technologies to improve the building occupants’ wellness, comfort, safety, and experience.

COVID-19 has not only increased our hand-washing practices but also brought our attention to the invisible problem in most buildings. Air. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and the air is often 2-5 times more polluted inside than outside. Thus the quality of air we breathe is not only important in stopping the spread of viruses but also important in the productivity and health of our daily and work lives.

On top of this, another change sped up by the pandemic is the increase in flexible, hybrid and virtual work. Though the enjoyment of meeting others physically and collaborating in a workspace together is something that is missed when working from home. From the Workforce Sentiment Survey conducted by CBRE across 18 countries surveying 10K employees, research states that the office is here to stay, because 62% of the participants agree that they need the office for team connection and a sense of community around them. Merging these trends, it is key to…

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